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Mighty Max

Lol. We have a lot in common it seems. Collected a ton of these.

Out of the ones you posted I had: 1st pic top row: 5th one, green goblin bloodshot eye guy. 1st pic 2nd row: 5th one, brown goblin with black/red cyber eye. 2nd pic 1st row: 3rd one, black spider. 2nd pic 1st row: 5th one, yellow snake. 2nd pic, 2nd row: 3rd one, red triceratops

My personal favorite that I owned was 'Lava Lord'.

I lost his grappling arm on his right. If you look at his right knee you can see little ridges - those are the treads to a mini motorcycle that comes out of the knee cap (there are open-able hinges all over the toy, just like in the other ones). The head opened and the chest had a little lava laboratory area IIRC. His left arm was actually a detachable lava creature, the claw part is actually its tail.

I would pay quite a few pesos to get another Lava Lord.

Oh and we also had a few of the mega huge sets... one being a dragon's skull island theme one, I think.

Yep here it is, Dragon Island... lol

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