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Men in Black


So who are these men in black? Do they work for the government? Are the just reptilians in disguise? I heard they show no emotion, never blink and don't know what shaking hands is.


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Off the top of my head, my history knowledge on the men in black maybe a little off, but; I believe the men in black were first seen after the first publication of a ufo/alien magizine that was published in the late 60's/early 70's era.  The story goes something like this...Betty and Barny Hill were obtucted (reportedly) by space aliens in the state of New Hampshire in the 60's.  These two were the first to publically claim that they had an "encounter of the third kind."  After which, other people started coming public with their obtuction stories as well.  This promted a guy (not sure of the name) to start a bimonthly magizine about such encounters and mysterious happenings.  Either after the first magazine came out, or during it's making, the men in black showed up at this magazine makers house, insisted on entering, and had a conversation with this man.  Apperently, these men in black threteaned the man and scared him so much that he never pursed making the magazine after the men in black visit.  It was only years later that the man that was visited came out with his story on what happend.  From what I remember about the story, these men in black had strange wires coming out the bottom of their pant legs, wore sun glasses-even indoors, and were very mono-toned... and yes, seemed suspicous and unfamiliar with the jestur of hand shaking. 

I will do more looking into this subject, this is just what I remember from a long time ago when I read about them.  How do you threaten someone with mono-tone?




When Jim Templeton took a charming picture of his 5 year old daughter in the English countryside in May 1964, there was nothing strange. But when he was handed the developed photograph, a strange character in white suit seems to stand or float behind the small girl's shoulder, too high and strangely oblique. Kodak excluded any tampering or error with the picture, the press published the story, "Men In Black" visited Templeton, and the case has links up to a Blue Streak missile test range at the other end of the world, in Australia.