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Memory Eccentricities


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Recently built an AMD dual core rig (Nforce 4 board) for a co-worker. Picked up some Corsair dual channel XMS memory rated at 2-3-2-6 SPD. It booted up not even close to the SPD ratings. Memory errors in memtest86 when attempting to tighten up the timings close to what the modules are rated at (voltage bumped to 2.8v). Games improved after applying the AMD patch. I'm tempted to reccommend DFI boards and the VX series of OCZ which were rated for a good 3.5 volts.


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DFI boards eh? I'm not particularily sure about that one, but I guess I haven't looked into what's available since building my last rig. As far as what motherboard manufacturers each have to offer. Good to see you are still going with nForce boards. Hopefully you put an nVidia gfx card in there too. I would also recommend the OCZ, or Crucial perhaps.