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Memorable gaming nostalgia

C Pav

Codename: GB6
What are your most memorable past gaming moments?

I have so many and will post them as I recall them. One very soothing and calming memory is playing SimCity on the SNES. First my brother and I rented it and was so calming to play. From the music to the "easy" game play it just sticks with me. I remember when our grandma got it for us and we walked over in the winter to get it from her. Such a favorite game. The easier time in life adds to the enjoyment and nostalgic memory of the game.

Along with that was renting Final Fantasy II for the SNES. I believe we rented them both at the same time so only got so much time into both initially. Of all the memories of past gaming, the SNES holds the most memorable moments to me. 


Classic Mario, The Legend of Zelda. Spent many hours looking for secrets. A link to the past. Classic. Going to the rental store getting a new game. Getting Dragon quest. Playing Super Mario Bros 2. Getting my Super Nintendo. Even some fun modern time, Shadow of the Colossus (still my favorite). Stalker, Alan Wake, Costume Quest. Oh did I mention WoW? lol


Crossed one off my bucket list, kind of. I played the Simcity (snes) rom on my arcade system and got a Megalopolis for the first time (500,000 population). I finally got to hear the music once you get there and my Mario statue. However, I did the million dollar cheat and was able to speed the game up. Took 4 hours total from start to finish.


I played the Simcity (snes)
I can't tell you how many hours I put in that back in the day. I always kinda loved those types of games building cities etc. Then after I would get bored I would end up making parks in the shapes of dicks. But if you like those types of games you should check out Cities XXL. Also check out Cities Skylines.
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