Mac apps


I thought I would make a thread on what apps that I have found useful on the Mac.

  • Magnet - Basically brings the "snap to sides" feature from Windows to the Mac. allows side by side windows etc.
  • 1Password - A password manager similar to Lastpass. It is also supported on your Iphone and even Windows.
  • Hider2 - A safe for your files on your Mac. It uses AES 256 encryption and allows you to dag and drop files to be encrypted and allows you to hide files on your Mac until you unlock the safe.
  • CleanmyMac3 - A cleaner for your Mac. Has some other useful tools such as an uninstaller etc.
  • Boom 2 - Amazing audio enhancer for your Mac. It is pure magic what it does with your speakers.
  • Textwrangler - A nice replacement (and free) text editor for the Mac.
  • Airmail - A replacement mail client for both IOS and MAC. A cleaner interface and more customization.
  • Pixelmator - Basically Photoshop for you Mac at a fraction of the cost.
  • Spotify - Works awesome on a Mac, don't need Itunes.
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