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Logitech G502 - The perfect mouse?


So there have been a couple of revisions of this mouse, and they are up to the HERO version of it. I am still using the original G502. It has been around for so long, and people still rave about the way it fits your hand. I have gone through many mice and always end up coming back to it. I ended up ordering the HERO version this morning since mine is finally getting work out and they are so cheap now. About $40. You still running yours @C Pav ?



C Pav

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Yep still run it at home and love it. At work though know what I use? My old Logitech gaming mouse I had since like 2004. I don't know what model it is as the stickers have all come off but it still works amazingly. I thought I lost it once way back but fixed it and still running strong. THink it's the 2004 MX510. I did have a decent one that I got while working at the school but that got ruined when I tried to remove the frayed braided cable so ended up throwing it and getting the one above.