Labor Shortage Leaves $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields


Wait a second here, isn't this what it's suppose to be anyways? These farmers are complaining because they hired an illegal worker to pay them low wages and would rather have their crops rot instead of paying a person what they deserve? I am sure they will just say that they have a bad year and get free money anyways from the government. But still your basically admitting that you hired illegal workers.



Bill Gates' Gimp
I don't follow your recap. Where was there anything about not wanting to pay them? Did you read the article, or just the headline and a select few sentences?

What I gathered reading this is:

1) They don't have enough workers to do the labor (not necessarily that they don't want to pay them)
2) They do not get "free money" from the government when they have to plow down the unharvested crops

There was some talk of illegals (undocumented immigrants as they put it), but mostly talk of legal immigrants from Mexico that have been working the fields for decades and are getting older and not being replaced.

I guess they mention growers had called for expanding teh program to allow guest workers, but that they complain it is expensive and cumbersome - but doesn't say they won't pay or don't want to... I'm sure every employer complains their employees are expensive, the same as I complain about items I need being expensive - I still buy them though