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Hygeine(deoderant, body spray, etc.) products that are best?

C Pav

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WHat products do you use and feel make the best "attraction" smell? You know, the smell that the ladies and others love to smell.

I use Tigi Bead Head Moisture Maniac shampoo and conditioner for hair. Axe Groove body wash. L.A. Looks sport look for hair. Axe phoenix(soon to be Touch) anti-perspirant/deoderant. Finally Axe Tsumani body spray.

I just started the body spray and smell pretty good all day but have yet to be around anyone that I need to impress to know if the combination is a good one. :smt016



I use whatever shampoo is in the shower :lol: . But then I use AXE snake peel shower soap. Then I usually put on either Hugo or Burberry Touch cologne.


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I usually just stick to the LaCoste Essiential cologne or Ambercrombie. Unless your molesting someone you usually can't smell their hair.......