How to get kicked out of your gym in 10 days or less.


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How To Get Kicked Out

Of Your Gym In Ten

Days Or Less!

Day 1

Bring your own music use a boom box and turn

it up to inspiration levels and start working out. ACDCs

Thunderstruck should do the trick.

Day 2

Set up a circuit like one of my typical

Workouts of the Day and put a sign up at each

station advising others that this equipment is

reserved for accurate timing of your effort.

Day 3

While practicing the Olympic lifts drop a max load

from overhead. This may do it right here.

Day 4

Find a twenty-inch platform and perform box

jumps. Try three sets of two minutes of max jumps.

Bizarrely, this one irks the heck out of most gym


Day 5

Take a pair of dumbbells out into the parking lot to

do walking lunges. You may be accused of theft.

Day 6

Bring several powerlifting buddies to do some super

heavy deadlifts. Dont forget to grunt, scream, and

use chalk!

Day 7

If the gym has support poles climb them. If

not find something to climb; sling a rope over

a beam or rafters, attach some climbing holds

to the wall and use them. You wont get to the

climbing part if you need to attach anything.

You may get stopped at the door coming in

with a twenty-five foot coil of two-inch rope.

Day 8

Workout with your shirt off. If you dont get a reaction

have your girlfriend or wife take hers off.

Day 9

Walk on your hands, or do handstand push-ups or

some other basic gymnastics stuff.

Day 10

If youve gotten this far, this one is the clincher.

Record your efforts by writing them on the wall.

If after day ten you are still allowed in,

you belong to a great gym. Let me know

where it is!

C Pav

Codename: GB6
I saw a news article of a gym that does not allow grunting and other such things. A guy was escorted out of the gym for grunting. Can't find it.