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How I think, using smilies, nodles day goes.

C Pav

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Wakes up -  :smt064 (being woken up by wife)

Drives to work -  :smt099

Get's to work and sits in front of computer -  :smt024

Helps customers -  :smt021 :smt075

Goes to lunch with Corey -  :smt078 (too much Bell)

Get's done with customers and leaves for the day -  :smt097

Driving home -  :nana:

At home with wife -  :smt062(nodle on the left getting punched)(kidding)

Afterwards -  :smt056 :smt008  :smt058

Nodle doing what he does -  :smt032

Rinse and repeat until Friday after work. Then it's  :smt041 :tinfoil: :gay: :smt023

Nodle doing what he does -  :smt032