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Headphone amps


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This Grace 901 is a DAC/headphone amp. Get's alot of recognition but, the price is 1395.00.



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Stealth Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp  - $2,495.00

Emmeline RS-1A Pre-Amp - $2,395.00

Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp - $495.00

Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp (with power supply) - $695.00

Emmeline XP-7 Power Supply - $225.00

Emmeline HR-2 Headphone Amp - $875.00

Emmeline CA-2 Pre-Amp - $695.00

Emmeline XR-2 Phono Pre-Amp - $1,050.00

Emmeline Power Supply - $325.00

Emmeline SR-71 Portable Headphone Amp - $395.00

Emmeline XR-10B Phono Stage - $4500.00

Emmeline II The Raptor Headphone Amp - $1175.00

Emmeline The Hornet Portable Headphone Amp - $350.00

(Includes the universal adaptor/charger. Two rechargeable batteries, Tysonic 250ma & Accu-power 270ma $15 extra)

Emmeline The Tomahawk Portable Headphone Amp - $295.00

Shipped in the US via Fed-ex ONLY, 2-3 days express delivery with tracking #. The shipping cost is $14.00 Fed-ex any where in the continent of the USA. The USPS is $11.80, 3-4 days delivery. Shipping to Italy will be via fed-ex ONLY.



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In reference to the Raptor's, one gentleman had this to say:

Man oh man oh man...I'm getting closer all the time to getting one of these!! I'm going to have to figure something out...especially since I've heard how well it works with the AKG K1000!!I envy you guys...it's a very special amp, and Ray should be VERY proud of what he has done here.