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I thought I would start a thread so that other members could post items and materials that they recommend when cleaning their firearms. First word of advice. Check and re-check your firearms, make double sure they are not loaded before preceding.

Here is what I use so far:

  • Solvents:
  • Hoppe's No. 9 kinda the standard.
  • Brake Free CLP is a good product as well.
  • Ballistol works great as well.
  • Lubricants:
  • For my oil I like to use Lucas Oil or Militec.
  • Grease:
  • Slick 50 for rails etc.
  • Tools:
  • First tons of standard Q-tips. You can never have to many.
  • Toothpicks also come in handy for scraping tight spots, plus wood won't mark metal.
  • Push rods, we have quite a few of these. With the nylon ends for pushing patches nothing special here.
  • PatchWorm, if you don't have one of these your missing out of one of the best products for cleaning out there. It uses a nylon string to pull patches. Has different sized "buttons" for your calibers. Put on on put your patch on and pull. You won't even use your push rods anymore after using this.
  • Barrel-Lite, this uses natural light to push down kinda like fiber optics. Put in the end of the barrel and it looks like you are using a flash light. Handy tool.
  • Bore Snakes, everyone pretty much has these. They come in handy.
  • Brass brushes, nylon brushes, more necessities when things get real nasty.
  • Felt mats or table top protection for when your laying out your parts and pieces.
  • Rem oil, not using your firearm all year? Try to at least rub the metal down with Rem oil to prevent rust and bring life back in the metal pores.
  • Old white T-shirts work great as rags.
  • Plastic pipettes, these are great for sucking up your solvents and squeezing them on your patches.
Firearms when properly maintained will last a lifetime. It will also prevent many problems out in the field while using them. If anyone else has any other suggestions for chemicals or parts that make maintenance easier feel free to post your suggestions. I will update this periodically with new products when I come across them.
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Caulk Sucker
Seems to be split down the middle. Some say absolutely don't use bore snakes while the other half are in favour?


I have heard they are great for shotguns, I still prefer patches. The Patchworm is a must have if you ask me. Plus they are cheap as well. Once you use one you won't go back to a push rod very often.


Thought I would mention I picked up some:

This is different than the red Lucas oil. The viscosity is different, it is thicker. I do like the applicator though. It is a metal needle, great for getting into tight spots and be able to not use to much. Also has a slight odor to it compared the the red stuff with no odor. I tested it out on my Glock when I cleaned it tonight. Overall I can't say which is better but both are great.


I came home at lunch time to find my Dad had bought me a gun vise at home for cleaning like his. Pretty sweet.



I came home from today and my Dad had been over in my garage all day, built all new shelves across my gun cleaning area, about 7 of them about 6 foot long, plus corner shelve including shelf for computer monitor etc. Pretty sweet work area now.