Greetings from Jamaica Mon!!


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Howdy to all, we are having a blast down in Jamaica this week. There has been a little drama with one couple, but the newly weds are happy and having a blast.

The weather down here is H - O - T hot and humid as all hell. These internet terminals are in small rooms and it's like a sauna, but figured I'd give a shout out to the flux community. So far we left for Fargo and arrived at the airport around 3 a.m. wednesday and found the terminal did not open until 4, so luckily it was a pleasant morning to be standing outside at that time.

We arrived at our resort later that evening and enjoyed a large meal before turning in for the evening. Thursday was a day of some orientation and other activities. Friday morning was the wedding after which we had a few large meals, spent some time in the water and just enjoyed our day.

Saturday we climbed Dunn's river falls and took a horse back tour of an old plantation near the resort. We've also been at a local market a few times, which is a different experience because you have to bargain for the price you want on any purchase, or try to get a package deal.

Today most of us spent the day laying out on the beach sipping on some drinks. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Well that's the trip thus far. Not much more planned other than possibly snorkeling and a catamaran cruise tomorrow. All day tuesday will be traveling back... UGH!

All for now, other than the pics I will soon post


Bill Gates' Gimp
The happy couple waiting to depart the airport

The couple in the Couple's Swing on thursday

The boys all prettied up for the wedding (ndboarder, jmanz, and the best man from left to right)

A couple pics of the local scenary



WOW! That looks like a blast. The water looks beautiful there. Congratulations to the new couple!!! :smt041 :smt041 :smt041


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Whats up everyone, we got back late last night around 10:15 or so at the fargo airport. We were very fortunate to get home as we were about two minutes away from missing our connecting flight in minneapolis. I've discovered that I hate airports. Anyways, the week in jamaica was just awesome, I want to go back so bad. The resort we stayed at was just beautiful and the staff really goes out of their way to make sure everyone has fun and enjoys themselves. We took lots of pics so more will make their way here eventually. Wedding pics included I would imagine.