GM the next VW?

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Looks like GM might be in trouble like VW got in here for trying to beat emissions.

General Motors Co. is accused of putting defeat devices in its trucks to beat emissions tests, the sixth carmaker linked to diesel cheating scandal since 2015, when Volkswagen AG admitted to installing software to bypass pollution rules.
People who own or lease more than 705,000 GM Duramax diesel trucks filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday, claiming GM installed multiple such devices in two models of heavy-duty trucks from 2011 to 2016. The 190-page complaint is littered with 83 references to VW, and asserts that the environmental damage caused by each truck could surpass that of the German automaker’s vehicles.


I bought you the sims
Could be. VW bounced back nicely though regarding sales. People forget after awhile. 18 months usually.