Global central bankers are saying cost of money is headed higher


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Global central bankers are coalescing around the message that the cost of money is headed higher -- and markets had better get used to it.
Just a week after signaling near-zero interest rates were appropriate, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney suggested on Wednesday that the time is nearing for an increase. His U.S. counterpart, Janet Yellen, said her policy tightening is on track and Canada’s Stephen Poloz reiterated he may be considering a rate hike.
Let’s break this down…
The world is sporting a Debt to GDP ration of 327%.

All of this debt was issued at a time when bond yields were FALLING.

Central Bankers now want bond yields to RISE.

Are these people TRYING to crash the system?
A Crash is coming…



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We are coming to a one world currency soon. Maybe after a big crash they will say this is the only way to fix things.


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Anything "one world" this or that is a bad thing for everyone and anything.  Why do you think people cry afoul when the phrase one world order is said?  We are all at the mercy of one thing, one system, ideologies, freedom. etc...  One world currency doesn't just mean a nice convenient stable currency, it means more means to be manipulated and controlled, no competition, nothing to keep it in-check.  Unless you are a control freak or someone who believe's in this (which surprisingly many believe in).

Cryptocurrecies are so unbelievably terrible and will ruin not only our money system, but with the surging increase of complicated hacking going on, it's only a matter of time they will screw us over and politicians and bankers lying to cover things up and screwing others over.  They will also be able to control our money habits against our will.  I have to laugh when people feel secure about things like online password keepers and think they are "safe".  Hackers have the ability to get into anything, as long as it's electronic and has outside access.  Do you really think cryptocurrency will not be able to be hacked into or manipulated?  Also, there is no such thing as "finite" cryptocurrency, it's more able to be made out of thin air than printing money.  Easy come - easy made, easy go.  Long gone are the days of peppercorns and precious metals being the main source, but at least they were a physical material to source and handle.  Printed money sounded good being backed by metals, but those days are long gone too.

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