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Getting garage furnace ready for winter


Was an interesting day with some projects. Me and my dad worked on getting our furnace out in our garage up to a working state. One of those things that are suppose to be a quick project but ends up turning into more. First off we had to take the glass cover off. Someone before we bought the place knocked over some of the stones in the glass so we got those back in place. Then noticed that there wasn't a gasket around the glass. So we went down and bought some fireplace gasket and got it put in. Then we ran the shop vac and cleaned everything up. Then we pulled out the blower motor, my dad messed it up and we ended up taking the entire motor apart (long story) then finally got it fixed and oiled. It is suppose to be oiled every six months, and I guaranteed it probably has never been. Finally got everything put back together, and got the gas back on and fired it up. It all sounds so simple but basically took all day, but at least it is done, and in better shape then it probably has ever been.