Get Rid of Your Pre-911 Mentality


Caulk Sucker
Cross that one off my bucket list.
After 51 years on the planet, I have finally been reported as a suspicious person.
Up to now, my career in criminal activity has been sadly lacking. Oh sure, if an extra candy bar falls down in the vending machine, I am going to take it (unless, of course, it is a Zagnut. What is up with those?).

It has been years since anyone has viewed me as interesting enough to be suspicious. But just a few nights ago, I had a brush with Johnny (actually Janet) Law.

I had taken Kita outside for a quick walk before bedtime.


Report anything suspicious in the new way. In fact I remember seeing brochures from the power dept. saying if you ever see anyone taking photos etc. of their sub stations or anything else related that you are to contact the authorities.