Gas Prices!!!


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I don't know about everyone else, but I'm guessing no one out there is liking the gas prices. I only bring this up because I was just watching the news and they had a piece on how people are trying to get around or compensate for the prices.

1. There has been an increase in people who fill up and drive off

2. They interviewed a few people in IA who are donating plasma to pay for their gas. "I come here twice a week to fill my tank once a week"

3. Some guy invented a custom spoiler for his VW and claims he went over 1000 miles on a tank

there were others but anyhow... the gas prices suck


If they get any higher, it's gonna cost me more to come into work than I make :shock:


Did he find the magic wand???

Insert youtube video of Bush and his magic wand to lower gas prices.....

Doesn't embed? nodle! I can't post uk youtube vids

LOL!  You are so funny Ludes!  Also, I would like to add that my penis is very small compared to yours.  My wife wishes she could get laid by you.


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lol I see someone loves their privileges! :rightful:
LOL  I entertain me.   

P.S. gas is 2.12 here today.  I heard that it was going to bottom out soon and just below 2.00/gallon and then just stay there  :biggrin: