Game idea thread!

C Pav

Codename: GB6
This thread is for posting of what you think would be a good game idea.

Here is mine to start it off.

It would be a multi player online "role playing" type game. The premise is not fantasy or anythign like what is available now. It would be with contract killers and assasins. You build up levels and stats like most role playing games now but you get contracts to kill people. You can buy better guns and weapons. Another big feature would be to actually get contracts from players to kill other players.

This is just a sketchy quick idea but that would be cool in my opinion.(I just watched the Bourne Identiity and Supremecy so credit that for me thinking of this.).


When i was in school a friend of mine made up a gmae called (gcm) or gangs,crooks, and mobs. It was a role playing game where you would have to break into houses, drawn on graph paper. Then you could buy new things for your house to keep people from breaking in, and buy different cars, guns, homes etc. It was actually really fun. Ah those were my days of role playing games.