Funny story that happened at a gas station

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This happened a few weeks ago, but I was just thinking about it. Have you ever watched those videos online of someone stealing someones parking spot in a big city at either a parking lot or on a city street? Well a few weeks ago we were getting ready to out of a town on a Saturday and I needed to swing in to the gas station to get some fuel before heading out. As I was pulling in I noticed that the gas station was very full. Almost ever spot was taken. Except for the one I was about to pull into. It was a two person spot with another bay in front already filled with a pickup. So I was going to pull in the spot. Then all of a sudden this white van comes whipping around the corner real fast. I was already in the mist of pulling in the spot and he noses his vehicles into it. I was seeing what was happening but in my mind I was like "he's not really going to do that". Sure enough he does I even have to swerve so my front wouldn't hit him. He then parks and I am sitting there. I raised my hands like WTF!, and him and his wife do the same motion to me. (they were some old couple with Canada license plates). I then pulled around and took another spot, but dam my blood was boiling. Those people might be use to doing that where they come from in the big city, but that stuff don't fly around here.


It's funny sometimes watching other people do things, it makes you almost think if it's yourself or in your mind. But I'm starting to realize that there are a lot of true crazy, disgruntled, or entitled people out there and they just do things the way they do.