What do people think of the Fortnite game? I personally find the game itself to be a battle royale like any other except for it's animation, which is something that make it different from other BR games as PUBG. I think it's the young fandom that really ruins things for the game, teens and kids can really be annoying and they tend to treat the game as some holy thing, so it gets hate from older gamers. What do you all think? What are your Fortnite experiences?

By the way, for those who play it, there are cheaper Fortnite skins that i found, so feel free to check. Also ping me if you find anything too:D


Never got into it, I know it has quite the following though. I think we they expanded it to the Switch console it even made it more popular. I know every grade school boys does the dances.


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I also never got into it. Being on every platform and cross play has helped them, and the young fan base is huge. The simplicity of the weapons and lack of attachments isn't my thing, and the building aspect is crazy depending on the platform you play on.

I'd be wary of any "cheap skin" sites. AFAIK, most such sites are scams, and I would assume that only purchase from Epic is within ToS. Skins maybe if it's a code that someone is reselling. V-bucks on the other hand would have to be someone losing money to sell them cheaper or doing something shady at the very least. I'd imagine if Epic caught on any purchases could get an account banned.


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Yes very popular with the youngsters. I swear every teenager (boy or girl) on the block was playing it for awhile. Maybe still are.