EMP's, Iran and you

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Crazy stuff. In fact we have all know that EMPs have been around, yes they are real. Most of the books I read all deal with situations where an EMP explodes in the atmosphere above America knocking out all power and basically putting us back in the stone age. Your body won't feel it. But everything that basically has a circuit board in it will no longer work. We have all become so reliant on our electronics. Every vehicle after the 80's will no longer work. The EMP will fuse and melt every copper line. Meaning you won't have power anymore. People will panic, food will become scarce and panic will be out of control. Honestly try going back to the 1800's. After just seeing this article posted about an hour ago it really scares me. For anyone reading this you should try to read a novel dealing about this situation and the impact it could honestly have. The "Preppers" and "Amish" and a tight nit community will be the only people to survive. Scary time that we are living in.

Second, Iran could detonate a nuclear device over the United States in an electromagnetic pulse attack that destroys our electric grid, putting the nation in the dark for months and eventually leaving 90 percent of Americans dead from disease or starvation.

Iran has tested how to conduct an EMP attack, such as by attaching a nuclear weapon to an orbiting satellite or launching a nuclear-armed missile into the atmosphere from a ship.

Iranian military leaders have endorsed an EMP attack against America, according to secret Iranian military documents that Pentagon officials have translated, and the Pentagon's North American Aerospace Defense Command is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado because it can resist an EMP attack.
Iran will soon be able to kill 90 percent of our population