Edo-period illustrations


Kinda neat how people use to draw what they saw. Some of these were wierd, thats why they are in this forum.

Kurimoto Tanshuu (1756 - 1834) sketched wildlife during the Edo period. Check out the National Diet Library links below for more of his fantastic illustrations.

Senchuufu:275 pages of creepy crawlies (3 volumes)

Tako-kurage-ika rui zumaki:16 images of octopi, jellyfish and squid

Igyozusan:10 images of unusual fish (folding scroll)

Gyofu:51 images of stingrays and unusual fish

Gyofu:60 pages of fish (2 scrolls)

Mamboukou:18 images from a book on mambou (sunfish)

Igyozusan/Seikaihyakurin: 60 images of fish (2 volumes)

Hyakucho fuzanketsu:5 images from a scroll of birds

Karei zui:38 images of flatfish (scroll)

Choujuugyo shaseizu:5 images of various animals (scrolls)