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Easy installer for ubuntu


THought this was a real neat idea. I especially like how they are using Bittorrent for the transfer.

    * very simple to use

    * provide a no-risk installation

    * no repartitioning the hard disk

    * no changing the windows boot loader

    * Easy uninstallation.

    * Low risk

    * Doesn't use a virtual machine

    * Doesn't significantly reduce performance of the resulting installation

    * Resulting installation supports everything a normal install does.

    * Fast install

UI Installer:

    * UPNP

    * Advanced/Expert install

    * installation of other distributions (kubuntu, edubuntu, xubuntu etc.)

    * Langage support

    * slideshow during install

    * Disk space checks required

    * Support for installing on a secondary drive

    * Supporting installation of boot loader where the boot drive isn't c:\

First boot:

    * Hardware Detection

    * Importing settings from config.ini file

    * Swap file