Dropping out of technology

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So I have been officially out of the technology based work field for over a year now. What is different? Well I find myself not being so stressed anymore as far as work goes. I don't deal with people being mad or angry all the time which is great. But one thing I have noticed is my confidence of repairing computers is going away. IT is one of those fields that you have to stay weekly up to date with. Always reading what is coming out, what fixes are there. What new tools to use. Anymore my confidence is not there. I am scared if someone asks me for help, because I no longer have my tools, and no longer keep up. Seems like my days are filled more with working on vehicles at home than it is working on a computer. I spend more time looking up dank memes than I do looking up new tools. I had a friend that I worked with that went though the same thing. At the time he knew as much as me, a year later he was calling me up asking for help. Your confidence does really go down fast.


I think in the long run you will appreciate and be glad you went the path you did.  Like you mentioned about losing some confidence over time, it's like use it or lose it, your knowledge goes down after time.  One thing you will never lose is your ability to be able to get back to that level if you want or apply your abilities to other skills, like mechanics or anything else.  I'm not an Systems Admin like I was at the bank 6 years ago dealing day in and our with all that, but I know I can perform those duties if need be.  I also had the chance to be an area manager for the hospital, but knew I wouldn't be fit to do that, but rather just being a local lead at the most.  The stress of certain things are just not worth it.