Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

C Pav

Codename: GB6
Here we have number 8 of the Dragon Quest series(not including spinoffs). The story is about a curse put on a kingdom by an evil power. You, as the hero, must defeat the evil and lift the curse.

I found the game fun in the long run overall. The battle system is the classic turn based fighting. You encounter random enemies and select a command for each party member. You can use physical attacks, magic, items, and special abilities. You gain experience and gold as one would expect from standard RPGs.

When you level up, you gain points to allocate to your members to level up different battle areas. Example would be for the main character having swords, boomerangs, etc. Each character has a different set and may share a few. Each character also has their own unique attribute that gives them special abilities of their own.

Another interesting feature of the game is the ability to make rare items by using a "pot" to put items in and brew up new items, weapons, and armor.

The drawbacks I had with the game is the length. It seemed to last too long as I put near 70 hours. Leveling up took a long time once at higher levels and big boss fights are very hard. The hard boss fights are known for Dragon Warrior games but at times it seemed you only would win by luck. After spending 20 or more minutes fighting, let's say the final boss, its tough having to do it all over because you died.

Overall its a great game for RPG fans and I recommend it.