DNA testing kits


So I have been wanting to make a post on this topic for awhile now. These are starting to get more and more popular. You have multiple companies selling them. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding them. They like to market them a "find our your family history" or "find out if you have certain types of health genes". I will admit they are tempting. I think there is something inside of all of us that like to know where we came from. I actually helped a older co-worker who's family member bought him one do it. It was simple, create an online account, register the DNA kit, and spit in a test tube and put in a prepaid shipping label and a few weeks later log back in and print out your results. But is there something else at play here? I know there are a lot of insurances companies that want to get their hands on your DNA so that they can say it was a pre-existing condition etc. But what about a more sinister plot behind these? Is it the same as the Facebook idea? Where you freely give your information out and pictures for other firms to keep data on you like the F.B.I etc.? I mean they market it so well, but are they freely wanting you to give up your DNA in exchange for something else? I have always thought this from the first time I saw them hit the market. Now look what came out today: