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Disk Defragmenter


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my wife has tried a few times at her work and every time she does so... it stops in the middle : / (a error gets displayed) i don't know what it says, but i plan on getting a SS soon..

another thing is her comps runs really slow... i installed the superantispyware and man... it detected 977 threats! talk about never having one done.... up next is the malware and then the virus scan with bitdefender, but i am also wondering why the Disk Defragmenter would pause in the middle... if you can help me out, thanks!


C Pav

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Clean up the system and try again. It could be a failing hard drive possibly or corrupt OS.


How old of a system is it? Bad blocks could cause it like C Pav said. That would also account for the slowdown. But first get her system clean.


Assuming NTFS: >chkdsk /R
Then run your defrag.
Chkdsk/p is faster but won't fix the sectors. Davec you should really check out HDDregenerator, we use this daily, works wonders.