DDR3 launch set for May 9th


INTEL HAS brought forward the launch of its Bearlake chipset and, from May 27th to May 9th, one week from now.
We talked over with several motherboard manufacturers and they are all ready for Bearlake launch, while memory manufactures are getting ready to crank up the production into real volume.

Intel informed NDA-signing hacks not to publish, benchmark results on May 9th - and not before.

The only problem that DDR3 faces is lacklustre benchmark results, since high-performing DDR2 memory has evolved and now there are even modules running at CAS3 at DDR2-800 settings.

We have had Geil PC2-8500/9600 MultiSpec kit for almost a year now, and it runs at 800MHz with CAS3, 3-3-9-1T settings on AM2 boards and 3-3-8-2T on 680i boards. 1T on Nforce 680i usually results in non-boot mode.

So, do not expect earth-shattering results with memory that has CAS6, 6-6-24 latencies at 1.06GHz. DDR3 will need to evolve to 1.33 and 1.60 GHz and only then the difference between high-end DDR2 and DDR3 will be visible.

Having said that, our Kentsfield QX6800 processor currently sits in this motherboard. The results are surprising.