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Cryptocurrency phone app


So this got me thinking this morning. So the creation of a Bitcoin uses the power of your GPU if I am not mistaken, maybe CPU? The more powerful the GPU or CPU the more numbers it can crunch (which I am still confused on what the calculations are being used for). So why not a phone app that can run in the background using your GPU, or CPU and slowly create one? I guess one reason would be battery life, It would really suck it down. But still I am not surprised someone has not either hidden it in an app, or made one for Bitcoin mining. I bet if you created an app right now and made sold it for $.99 you would make a killing right now.


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For any of the currencies it will use GPU and/or CPU.  Most people build rigs that use GPU because the types of calculations being done to "mine" a coin are done more efficiently by the GPU architecture than by a CPU.

One could certainly do this with low power devices like phone CPU, console CPU's (I've seen people consider writing an app to run on an Xbox to mine currencies), etc. 

Someone may have already put this into an app, just imagine your favorite little time waster of a game is in the background contributing to the mining operations of everyone else playing the same little mobile time wasting game.  I would suspect more folks would include something like this to mine for themselves and hijack the cycles of all their consumers CPU's than to just release an app where if you let your phone run for 30 years you might get a bit coin from it.