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Crimean Pyramids - Real Reason for Russian interest?


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My sister, who currently lives in Indian and is on something of an Ancient Aliens tourism binge in the country sent me a message on Facebook this weekend speculating that the discovery of these pyramids and possibly some secrets that have been unlocked about them in recent years may be the reason that this region is all of a sudden a hotbed of activity. Seriously, what is in this area beyond this? What strategic purpose does it serve?



Interesting, reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie. I though it was more due to the oil pipeline/strategic military placement is why they wanted it. Pyramids are strange, don't you find it funny with all our advancement with everything, including technology, that we can only come up with "theories" on how the Pyramids were built.


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Interesting.  Crimea is a major port to the Black Sea, so that would be a major reason, along with more temperate weather and a strategic location.