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Cool New Flash Drive App


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This is a cool new app that i have been playing with. I have it installed with my portable version of firefox on my usb drive. I like the auto login on password protected sites (like fluxoid). It saves me alot of time at work because i have many sites that require authentication. I know it is a security risk but the program itself requires a password when you run it the first time. I figure if somebody wanted to hack me bad enough to steal my jump drive and hack the password, that they could find an easier way to do it. Over all, its something to look at.

Another nice tool from the makers of roboform



So far the only downside I can see of this program is that you can not set the backups to run at like 2:00 am. but rather you can set it to run once a day, 6 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour and so on.


I found out how to set up times. You can use windows task scheduler to run your jobs at different times of the day. :-D