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Continued downfall and ban of larger device electronics on some airlines.


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I wonder with the recent ban of larger devices on airplanes from some Mideast and Africa countries, if this will be the beginning of whole bans all over?  Not only is the U.S. doing it, but looks like the UK will enact this as well.  This affects carry on items, but can still check them in on the airplanes cargo.  I can understand the point of this to a degree, but again this shows the continuing security measures increasing on airplanes that's causing lots of inconveniences and downgraded flying comfort.  Pretty soon, we will all be strapped up like Hannibal Lecter when flying.

Also, United Airlines is making a new basic "economy" class of flying that's worse than their already regular economy.  This one won't give you any carry on (only personal items bags to fit under the seat.  Sure, they say it's a cheaper ticket for now, but this will soon morph into the regular current economy prices for less amenities.   It's like the pizzas that were medium and large used to be bigger, then during the 90's or whatever, they made them smaller.  So a large today, is a medium of years ago.  Same goes with cans of food.  Soon, they will have a fare called economy value plus, which will straight jacket a passenger in cargo (of course you pay for the straight jacket as extra).



I was listening to this on the news driving home from work tonight. Sounds like they are scared of bombs in electronic devices. I bet in a few years you will have to be naked to fly, in a standing position, with NO carry on whatsoever.