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Computers overrated?


Do you think computers are overrated with their speed? I mean I like to be the fastest like everyone else, but let's face it computers have now reached overkill in their processor speeds (except for certain applications and gaming). But for the average Joe, web browsing, email, random work on the system todays processors exceed the actually need for the standard Joe. I remember when they were 66MHz (yes we needed faster speeds than those). But I see all these people buying a new system today. Does an old lady really need a dual core- 4GHz+ system? All she does is email. I don't know then again the same can be said about a car. Do you really need a Ferrari when any old vehicle will get you to the exact same place? I think people need to be more happy with what they got for their computer systems, instead of wanting to upgrade all the time. Oh wait look who's talking here. Guess I just better end it here. Man whats with me today?


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I would say Yes they are.  Of course for people who are really into computers for a hobby, work with photo/video editting, other resource hog applications, and gaming there will likely always be a need for bigger/better/faster components since things will continue to progress.  For the average joe who does some word processing, email, and web surfing any PC made in the past 3 years will suffice, as long as they don't get it bogged down with spyware and the like. 


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It's my belief that the OEM PC suppliers will have troubles moving machines in the future. I postulate that the hardware required to run current software is adequate. One could argue that pci bus speeds could stand a substantial boost but, the processing power side is up to snuff.