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Cleaning tools (temp files etc.)

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[SIZE= 16px]*NOTE, I no longer will be maintaining these links. Neither will I keep adding new tools or keep up on the latest tools since I am no longer in this line of work. [/SIZE]

So I thought I would list some of the tools that I use to "clean up" machines. Yes you could manually do these things but using tools like these listed below make it so much easier. I also prefer tools that are portable.

  • CCleaner - The best tool out there if you ask me. Also it's the only "registry cleaner" tool that I trust. It also has many tools built in such as the startup removal tool, uninstaller etc.
  • TFC - "Temp File Cleaner" by Oldtimer. This is a old school type of cleaner. It works well.
  • System Ninja - A newer cleaner that I have been using. Seems to get quite a bit of stuff.
  • Disk Cleaner Portable - I don't really use this one, but I do have it just in case.
  • ATF Cleaner - Use to use this alot back in the day. I still have it though, but only works on Win xp and 2k.
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