Bob Lazar - What do you think of him?


I guess most of you have heard of Bob Lazar. It was him that really brought forth Area 51. He made the news along time ago, and for many, many years I haven't heard anything from him but now he is making the rounds again. He basically came forth saying our government has UFO that they were reverse engineering and he was hired for the propulsion system. The government denied knowledge of him even though he had name badges, paychecks, etc. for working for them. It has been many years but some of the stuff he talked about seems to be coming true now.

True story, I bought a UFO Estes model back in the 90's that was a model from Bob Lazar. I think my dad showed one of the scientist the model that he worked with and the guy wrote me a big scientific letter on it. I can't remember what it said but he spoke of the propulsion system. I wish I still had that letter to post.

So do you believe Bob, or do you think it's all a hoax?