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Over 11k now. I believe that some of this is due to Iran and people trying to sneak money out/in.


So let me tell you the reason why Bitcoin is going up in value. Think back just about a week ago what happened? That's right the Stimulus Package. But this has nothing to do with the money for the people. It has to do with all the money that is going into the other countries. Which will then be deposited into accounts, then converted into Bitcoin and laundered to the other parties. This is exactly what is causing this. Anonymous money laundering, eventually flowing back into the pockets of the people that passed the bills in the first place.

Bitcoin slides more than 5% after topping $40,000 for first time | Reuters



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I see crypto being regulated at some point in the near future, but I’d be only guessing as to when exactly. With the way things are going politically and the increase want of censoring, governments, big players and elite don’t want any average person becoming rich out of nowhere.

This can also protect some people, since that’s who’s losing in the end. Crypto has made it even easier for people to trade, but it’s too volitale and risky. Crypto and even how many ways stocks function are basically a pyramid scheme at its base. For all the success read to riches, there are many many more people losing a lot. Money exchanging hands.

However, someday converting fully over digital currency also means more control and manipulation from the government and less power to the people, so in the end we all lose.