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Bigfoot in North Dakota?


DICKEY COUNTY, N.D. (KFGO) -- Chris Bauer of Ellendale, North Dakota has been a trapper all his life. He knows the outdoors and is now a true believer in Bigfoot. He tracked a creature he's certain is the legendary Sasquatch. 

He says December 24, a woman attending a family Christmas gathering at a rural home north of Ellendale claims to have spotted a large hairy creature outside. Bauer knows the family and the following day he checked out the reported sighting. He found big footprints leading from the farm and followed a track in the snow for seven miles. The footprints are 18 inches long, 8 inches wide, with a four foot stride. 

Bauer says while following the track, he ran into a stench so severe he was almost sickened. He also says there was an "eerie" silence throughout the area: no animals, no birds, something the experienced outdoorsman says is very strange. 

Dickey County Sheriff Chris Estes didn't investigate but he did see photo's of the footprints taken by Bauer. He was surprised by what he saw. He says it's either "an elaborate hoax someone put a lot work into..or there may validity to it."


Bauer has forwarded his photo's to an internationally known Bigfoot expert at Idaho State University for further study. He should be able to determine if the footprints are a hoax or may be some type of unknown primate