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Best sound card for playback quality?


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Any of use guys have preferences there? I've heard that the creative cards downsample everything to 48k if the file is, for example, 96k or higher.


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I've heard that M-audio sound cards are good. i just use my onboard HD sound
They's not too bad. I've been scoping out one called Lynx. They are allegedly revered as high end.



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One nice feature of Winamp is the ability to see if it's outputing the proper sampled rate along with bit rate. Example below:

Output format: 96000 Hz, 24 bits per sample, 2 channels

Active buffer size: 2000 ms (1152000 bytes)

Device: "M-Audio Revolution"

Mixing: software, primary buffer: inactive

Buffer playback cursor: 1149654 bytes


Buffer write cursor: 1131654 bytes


Data buffered:

Total: 1984 ms (1142826 bytes)

Async buffer: 15 ms (8826 bytes)

Buffer locks done: 966

Underruns: 0

Time played: 0:29.995 (17277654 bytes)

Time written: 0:31.980 (18420480 bytes)

Total time played: 13:51:11.733

Volume: -8.668247 dB / -8.668247 dB