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Best Buy: Up to $175 off of Xbox One with 360 trade


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If waiting on good deals for an Xbox One, Best Buy is offering up to $175 off the price. That leaves only around $125 to pay for the standard console without Kinect.

Reading through the details, any working Xbox 360 can be traded in for a $75 voucher good toward only the purchase of an Xbox One. If the 360 has at least a 250GB drive, you'll also get a minimum of a $100 BB gift card.

From the wording it does sound like if you have a larger than 250GB drive, or have the 4GB console w/ a 250+ GB drive you may get an even larger gift card, but I wouldn't count on it being much higher.




I love these things and my 360 just sits on my floor, but mine is only the elite. I don't even know what to do with mine but give it away. :(


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Hmmm, to upgrade or not. I have the 4GB slim Xbox 360 yet with only a few games. The deal is more enticing now.


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Well... the $75 is for any working 360 or PS3. I guess if a guy had both and didn't want to keep them you could possibly get two $75 vouchers....

If trading off your only 360/PS3, I suppose you could also look at trading in the used games for a (most likely) small amount as well (at BB or Gamestop).

One of my buddies very seriously considered the deal gamestop offered to save $125 and figured he'd almost break even by also selling all his games. Then another buddy promised to buy and play Destiny on the 360 if the other would keep the 360... Now they may both be considering this, given the next CoD does not appear to be coming the 360/PS3