Becca Mans: Cheerleader Gone Bad!


Now for a cheerleader thread with pix, and PORN!!!!

"Becca Manns is an all American apple pie eating cheerleader at the U of L University of Louisville. Here is the story that is rocking the entire MTV, MySpace and blogosphere generation. Her name has reached the number one search term at Google for a day when the story broke and continues to break the top ten. There are many versions of this story but they all show Becca totally naked and having sex with her boyfriend. The first story is that Beccas cellphone memory stick got stolen and whoever discovered the photos uploaded them to the Internet. The other story is that her ex-boyfriend took the photos and uploaded them to the Internet in an act of revenge. The result of these photos getting out on the Internet created such as stir at the U of L that Becca got kicked off the cheerleader squad and kicked out of the university. Becca also had a MySpace account but it got deleted. Her parents are suing the University of Louisville to get her re-enrolled again, they maintain the photos were private. An either case, the people who discovered and saw the photos probably jerked off to them, like the athletic director Tom Jurich and maybe their coach Todd Sharp. Todd Sharp should follow some of his own advice, My feeling is that theres so much more to them than the physical side, Sharp said. For one thing, theyre athletes. Becca should not have been kicked out of the cheerleader squad or the university for personal photos that got out into the public realm. The rumors are that Becca Manns is in hiding and had a total make over. Hopefully, she will come out and not be ashamed of what she does in private."