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Bad things you have done at your work

Most of our vendors were some pretty cool guys, use to get tons of free bags of chips, and all the milk products we wanted including icecream. But the breadman was another story. I got pissed at our bread delivery guy one early morning. I would have to unload truck and would have my pallet in the back room to unload. He was always a dick, and one morning moved my pallet out of the way. I got pissed so went outside and climbed up on the hood of the delivery truck and pissed on his windshield.
Hahahah, I know a guy who told me that one of the pranks he would pull with his friends was pissing in the top vents on the hood of the vehicle. When using the A/C-Heater, would not be a good smell.
I remember accidentally breaking someone's mini ceramic figurine at their desk, so I quickly found some superglue and glued it on nice and finished fixing the computer and left before they came back (I think they were at lunch).


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Me and a co-worker would come into work and start scans, then play World of Warcraft the rest of the day. Truthfully we would work maybe two hours total out of the day. The rest was WoW. I'm talking full PvP matches. Full dungeon runs, LFRs etc. We would hunt for rare mounts all day. Also Holiday events we made quite a bit of gold since we could farm all day. Those were some great Summers.
I rode the pallet up into the robot loading area at the pasta plant. Co workers eyes got very big. Firing offense. Son of bitchen thing wouldn't grab pallets right. Finally had enough and forced the issue.
Loaded the BSOD screen savor from sys internals. Then called the IT tech over. He's like we gonna have to reformat that. I hit the space bar and it came back to the desktop.
He's like, "you SOB."


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It was more of an accident but Nodle remember when I shocked that laptop? Sent the mouse cursor right up to the top corner of the screen. Toast.
HaHaHa ya it was right at 5 o'clock as well. Your like hang on one more thing I got to do, then zap! Nothing but garbled text on the screen.


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I may have left a torrent running overnight at work, only to come in the next morning and my boss ask what was taking up the entire network bandwidth. (we were an ISP provider the time with 3 T1s) so ya I had to make up a story pretty fast. I was seeding it out at max upload. o_O


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I was out last summer up in the woods, and had to turn around on a logging road in a company truck, there were no pull offs so I had to back down in a ditch. Next thing I know I hear a crunch. Pulled back out and got out to take a look and bent the trailer hitch pretty bad. Never did say anything and played dumb.
A job I had a while between stints working with @nodle we had a few fun tech times.

First week of training the 2 main guys (long time tech and IT coordinator) have 2 in one office and 2 in the other. I am like what are we doing? Here we are playing Halo multiplayer and later Battlefield 2. Team of 4 techs which at the time were pretty cool.

Same job, me and the other tech were working summer at the high school. Loved those shifts. We worked 4 "10" hour days in the summer and plenty of free time. We did get our tasks done but still plenty of free time. While swapping out old hardware from one room we decided to see what would it look like to drop an old CRT monitor from a pretty high location. Yep, "exploded" like expected. Only draw back was the clean up.

Same guy and I would also spend a lot of time in the high school's tech office. We had a lot of old CDs to go through and dispose of so we did...by throwing them as hard as we could towards the far wall near the ceiling. Again, a lot of clean up but fun. Funny was when the janitors came to clean they found shards we didn't get clean as they did a deep clean of the ceiling and high cabinets. They were like "what were you guys doing in here and so mad at?".

One day we hooked up his ipod to the auditoriums projector and watched some tech tv show on it. Lights off and was tired so fell asleep.