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Backup solutions


What's everyones way of backing up their important data? I have an identical drive that I make a backup on, then I make a backup of my backup on an external harddrive. Am I paranoid? Maybe, but after working in the computer field, I have seen how easy you can lose your data. :smt024


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I see the prices have really gone down on the hitachi drives. I was amazed to see a 250 gig for 89.00 What's your favorite brand of drive? :smt102


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I just recently picked up a 250 GB WD for $99 a few weeks ago, I probably would've ordered a Hitachi drive with the FDB that dave is such a fan of (last i knew) but kinda needed to get something quick so just picked one up that was readily available.

As for backup solutions I pretty much just use my external drive to back up data I don't want to lose. I used to also backup onto another internal drive, but have since started using the three that I have in there for multiple boot purposes