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Audio Gear That You Own


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Polk Audio SDA SRS 1.2 from 1989. Rated at 1000 wpc.


Nad 2200 Power Amp and 1155 Preamp (soft clipping + 6db dynamic range)




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yeah davec's gear really rocks, the whole house shakes I can testify. It is always fun to jam over there. You need a pic of the subs behind the couch!


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I run a second Nad 2200 for the sub that sits behind the couch. Sub consists of two 8 in. daytons in a 1 cu. ft. per/chamber ported industrial board box. The Nad could destroy the two 8's. My plan is to have my oldest brother (carpenter) build me a specialized box that will house eight 8 in daytons. It'll be a chore getting the impedance right. The nad will handle 4 ohm loads as long as one does not attempt to bridge. I have played around with car amps via pyramid PSU (56amp) (electronic crossover) into other drivers. The PSU doesnt seem to provide for dynamic transients so well. The lights in the house will dim quite dramatically when powering two car amps for example. Running older Proton amp, which is a relative of Nad. Also, a california series 300 wpc amp.


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There are some noisy beasts at your place for sure davec. Noisy probably isn't the best term, cause they get loud, but keep a nice clean sound as well.

I don't have much for home stereo equipment. I'll try to post some pics of my car stuff later.



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You have two of those Polk speakers on that system don't ya davec?
I see dave has logged out of the forum so I will answer, yes he's got two of the monsters.



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Yes there are two Polk SDA SRS 1.2's The following is what I use for vinyl to 24 bit 96 khz wav formats.



Small Outboard (Nad PP2) unit that utilizes a 24v AC adapter. Highly portable.






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Ok, so here's my car stereo setup

First I have a Pioneer DEH-9300, it's still pretty sharp looking but older


at night it looks like


Then i have the factory speaker in the car. It had the safe and sound package so there was 8 existing bose speakers and a bose amp installed from the factory hear they are

Tweeter on each door (2 doors)


6" speaker on each door


Rear speakers (drivers side pictured)


The factory amp (nothing special looking, but it works)


Then there 2 x 12" Rockford Fosgate P3's (500 rms 1000 peak)


These subs are powered with a Rockford Fosgate P6002




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yes' date=' things become abusive when riding with ndboarder.[/quote']bah it isn't that loud... i need to get a capacitor too... turn it up too much and all the lights start dimming

C Pav

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Here are old photos of the setup I had in my 350Z.

Subs were Jl audio 10" in the JL Audio stealthbox:


Memphis Class 1000 w amp:


Pioneer head unit and the picture speaks for itself(I am sure admin will add his won creation as well ;-) ):


I also have a XM radio tuner and antenna but no pictures.

I will get pictures of my new setup in my GTO once it is all done. I am going with 12" subs this time with everything else the same.



Sorry Corey, I can't seem to find my pic to show. i looked everywhere. Your off the hook :wink: