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ATI or Nvidia


I suggest that ATI has a bit better graphic quality. Performance is another issue.
Agreed, but since their new catalyst drivers they suck, who wants to intall dotnet just to install a driver? Nvidia drivers are pretty rock solid. Plus it seems like they own the gaming world....for now.



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At which revision of the Catalyst series do you feel they started to have issues? I see they are up to Catalyst 6.4 now for WinXP. The .Net framework is only required if you want to use ATI's control center. I usually rely strictly on Rage3DTweak. One could agree that their drivers used to suck pretty badly but, thats been a few years back, especially with their All-In-Wonder products. I wouldn't hesitate to state that Nvidia's Motherboards are second to none however. (chipsets)


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Get with it davec :wink: nVidia all the way... ykdr that they have much better driver support, especially in linux... and i know you like their chipsets so...


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Yes I agree that ATI's Linux driver support is abysmal. That does make me not want to use their products come to think of it.


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Awhile ago I owned an ATI All-In-Wonder Card. Can't remember what series it was but it wasn't too impressive. All the features it had were great except for the fact that it made my computer really unstable. The features with the TV tuner consistantly froze up when i switched from full screen to window view. I even did a fresh windows install with the newest drivers which didn't help matters. Plus it sucked resources like a SOB. I now own a NVIDIA card with dual DVI ports and it works great for what i use it for. I also got a diferent card that is dedicated for CATV.