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Apple and Macs


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More health integration which is getting them deeper into the healthcare industry. $$$ I think that stuff is cool but probably not for you.
I heard they can send a signal and kill you now if you don't like or disagree with their products. :alien:

But on a serious note, how long until your insurance company can request the medical history from Apple? I know there are people that ran into this with those home genetic kits and insurance companies going after the results, they are in process of trying to pass laws to prevent this but I wonder if this would apply to the Apple watch? :unsure:


I bought you the sims
You gonna trade in that old X now @jmanz ? I know @C Pav will just for the OLED screen.
Nope I'm good for awhile. No issues with the ones we have. Edit- Actually I forgot, we can upgrade ours after December with this new plan we are on. We'll see how it goes between now and then.
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