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Anyone play sports here and if so, which one or ones?

C Pav

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I am big into fitness and sports. Can't play so much like I used to due to knee surgery last year but still play softball and some basketball. I also like football but have not played it for quite some time.


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I'm also a big sports guy. Softball during the summer, and still toss the football around when there is someone who wants to play. I haven't played basketball in a while, kind of miss that.


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I'm more of a traditional sports watcher, and even at that I only really pay attention to football, or the playoffs of other sports. I used to play basket ball, but that's been quite a while, and softball has been a few years since I stayed in one place long enough to get onto a team. Might have to look into that this summer.

When it comes to the sports I get into things such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, biking, and roller blading. The biking and blading are more of just getting out for exercise than anything else. For a few years wakeboarding was about all I did on weekends, but then I graduated college and had to get a job, so I haven't gotten to get out frequently the past few years :( It's a blast though I'm terrible at it. THe only tricks I've successfully pulled off are 180's and 360's... Attempts at flips, rolls, etc always end in pain