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Anyone have shoulder surgery? I'm considering it


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I've had shoulder impingement in my right shoulder for 2.5 years now.  Was diagnosed through an MRI and had X-Rays taken.  I tried everything in the book; many months rest, rehab, more rest, a cortisone injection, oral prednisone, and it won't stay away.  When it did feel good, and going through good shoulder stabilization exercises for a few months, but then trying normal moderate weight bearing exercises, it comes back.  

Today I have another appointment and will mainly discuss surgery. It's the minimally invasive arthroscopic kind where they do some shaving and cleaning out.  The MRI's never showed anything serious, but apparently my shoulder just doesn't want to heal properly.  By the way, what set it off was when I included "chair dips" into my routine at the time 2.5 years ago.  They are considered a terrible exercise that puts your rotator cuff in a bad position and stresses and pinches the tendon there.

Even though the surgery is highly successful, I still worry about having a stiffer shoulder from internal scarring or some slight mishap.  Has anyone had or known someone who had this?

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C Pav

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Maybe we can both have surgeries at the same time. I can get my shoulder done as well as my knee....

Anyway only surgeries I had were my left hand and my left knee and yes scar tissue is something that is pretty much unavoidable but depends on the extent of what is done. My knee has never been the same and is getting worse. My hadn isn't too bad but still stiffer than before the injury.

The other side of the coin is pain. I would rather have some stiffness(like my hand) over the pain any day. With my hand it was needed or I would have a deformed hand because of how it pulled bone pieces away from the knuckle.



My Dad is kinda going though the same stuff lately. MRIs, medicines etc. Basically I think it will come down to shoulder surgery. This day and age I think it's fairly straight forward though. Still sucks though @ryanator. Hey worse comes to worse you could always look like Jax.




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My surgery is set for next Thursday.  He's going to clear out scar tissue, shave some bone, and clear anything else out. 

@C Pav, I'm afraid of a stiff shoulder since it's my right arm.