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Anti-ipod campaign


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An interesting way to market their MP3 player... All I know for sure, is regardless of what other people are using, the iPods line offers a storage size for anyone and is easy to use, so just beat them out in those two aspects and you can have the market. (about like taking the OS market from Microsoft due to being well established, but not quite as bad)

I just read an article today concerning Windows Media Player 11 and MTV's Urge music service. Microsoft has apparently teamed with iRiver to make transferring to iRiver devices as easy as it is with iTunes and an iPod. Granted for most of us, using an MP3 player out there would be easy enough, but the added ease is beneficial for the less computer literate out there. Then there's the fact that with Urge you won't be able to burn CD's. The article quoted that for $10 a month you get unlimited downloads to listen to on the PC, but for $15 you can download all you want and transfer them to any MP3 player.