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Amazon Echo


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I see people are already writing junk about a device in the home, with a microphone listening to things. It still amazes me how much people bring that up about devices like this or the Kinect. Yet, they probably care a camera/mic that's constantly connected in their pocket all the time, their phone.

Seems like an interesting product, but like their other recent releases, something to try to get people buying from even more from Amazon.

Some of the basic stuff you can ask it is neat, but nothing that most smart phones don't already offer and a lot less capability than some phones offer.



It's a neat idea but a little late, but like you said smartphones already do this.


Well I got to be around one of these for the first time in real like. At Thanksgiving this year my niece had one. They basically use it to play music with. You can tell it to search for music, volume up and down, weather, jokes etc. They are kinda cool. Still don't know if I would get one, but they do seem quite popular for Christmas this year.